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Our firm has one of the leading employee whistleblower practices in the country, representing employees and executives across all sectors of business, finance, academia and professional firms.  We are widely recognized for our use of dynamic and innovative litigation strategies to expand the scope of legal protections for our clients.

We also have extensive experience representing clients in “Dodd-Frank” SEC whistleblower submissions and federal and state False Claims Act “Qui Tam” cases. These forums allow whistleblowers with knowledge of securities law violations and fraud against the government to make government submissions or file lawsuits to help the government recover fines, penalties and damages from the wrongdoer. The whistleblower in these cases can be entitled to between 10% and 30% of the amount recovered by the government. In some SEC whistleblower and Qui Tam cases we draw upon our strategic partnerships with other law firms to supplement our team with lawyers who have extensive experience with securities law (including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and Medicare and Medicaid criminal prosecutions.


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