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Since founding the firm in 1997, we have fought for clients seeking justice, accountability and compensation for sexual harassment in the workplace. For those clients wishing to avoid the potential glare of publicity, the firm has successfully negotiated settlements – often amounting to millions of dollars — without the need for a publicly-filed lawsuit. In other cases the firm has pursued litigation that  exposed the improper conduct and held the enablers and perpetrators accountable through trials or court settlements.

New York has long been at the forefront in protecting employees from sexual harassment and discrimination. Following on the heels of the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements, the New York State Legislature and the New York City Council have passed significant legislation aimed at providing even greater protection against workplace sexual harassment. These reforms have included the prohibition of “gag orders” in settlement agreements preventing disclosure of the sexual harassment claims; the prohibition of mandatory arbitration requirements for sexual harassment claims; and sexual harassment protection for non-employees, such as contractors, consultants and vendors.

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