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It is a given that in our fast-moving, increasingly mobile society most workers will change their employment multiple times during their careers, whether voluntarily or otherwise.  Irrespective of the reason for termination, it is important that the circumstances and terms of any separation agreement be reviewed by knowledgeable counsel and that the employee receives legal and strategic advice to ensure that she has maximized her negotiating leverage and that the terms of the agreement do not unduly restrict her future employment opportunities. 

On an annual basis, our team reviews hundreds of severance agreements for clients and advises and represents them in severance negotiations.  Our team’s experience is broad and spans many professions and industries, including sales, medicine, accountancy, consultancy, retail, media, technology, banking, brokerage and regulated industries, investment banking, and other financial services.  Our clients run the gamut from principals and owners who may be leaving firms they founded or led, to senior executives at publicly and privately held companies to mid-level managers, employees and professionals.

Regardless of the circumstances, we provide knowledgeable and inciteful counsel to ensure that our clients leverage their legal rights to obtain the most favorable terms possible under the circumstances.

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