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The Firm represents individuals and businesses of all sizes in complex and high-stakes litigation. We have extensive experience in cases involving employment law, business-ownership disputes, fraud and whistleblower litigation and other litigation involving complex and high-stakes commercial, real estate and business disputes. The Firm is widely recognized for the quality of its representation and its use of uncompromising and rigorous advocacy and dynamic legal strategies to achieve its clients’ goals. We have a proven track record of designing and implementing litigation strategies tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients.

The Firm represents clients in federal and state court, as well as before federal and state agencies, industry regulators and arbitral tribunals in New York, New Jersey and throughout the country. We also have close strategic relationships with leading law firms in other countries which enables us to gather evidence abroad and coordinate foreign litigation for our clients in cases involving international and cross-border disputes.

Areas of Litigation Practice

The Firm has extensive experience in representing clients in litigation and arbitrations involving disputes in the following areas:

  • Employment Litigation. Our employment litigation practice includes the representation of executives, professionals, employees and partners in cases involving all aspects of employment law, including the enforcement of employment contracts and claims arising under federal, state and local employment discrimination laws.
  • Business Ownership Disputes. We represent clients in disputes relating to the ownership, operation and break-up of partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations and other closely-held businesses, including cases involving breach of fiduciary duty, minority shareholder oppression and business terminations and dissolution.
  • Commercial litigation. Our commercial litigation practice focuses on business disputes with a particular emphasis on disputes involving contracts, joint venture agreements, business acquisitions and sales and vendor disputes.
  • Real Estate Litigation. We represent businesses, developers and architects in disputes, arbitrations and litigation involving commercial and residential real estate, including lease disputes, damage to property and construction disputes.
  • Business Torts. We represent businesses and executives in cases involving unfair competition, breach of non-compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements and the improper use of trade secrets.

The following are representative examples of the Firm’s client engagements in business ownership and commercial litigation:

Business Ownership and Commercial Litigation

  • Representation of a leading Philadelphia architecture firm in obtaining confidential settlements in two high-profile cases involving fraud and copyright infringement.
  • Representation of a leading executive search firm and its founder in litigation brought by two minority partners involving a dispute over compensation and ownership of the business.
  • Representation of the managing partner of a series of California real estate partnerships in a lengthy arbitration involving multi-million dollar claims by two other partners that he had mismanaged the partnerships and made improper operating payments over a 20-year period.
  • Representation of the managing partner of a mid-sized regional accounting firm in an arbitration against the remaining partners after they ousted him from the firm he co-founded.
  • Representation of a multinational trading company in litigation against a computer company, its affiliates and founder to recover purchase price and enforce corporate and personal guarantees in international equipment sale.
  • Representation of software company and its founder in litigation by minority owner alleging shareholder oppression.
  • Representation of minority owner of public company seeking to enforce terms of promissory note and contractual agreement to issue additional ownership interest.
  • Representation of technology company and its founder in litigation by employee alleging an ownership interest in the company and unpaid commissions.

The following are representative examples of the Firm’s client engagements in employment litigation:

Employment Litigation

  • Representation of a senior trader at a hedge fund in litigation to recover a guaranteed bonus the firm refused to pay.
  • Representation of the head of equity derivatives at a leading global bank in litigation alleging that the level of her compensation and the decision to terminate her were the product of gender discrimination and retaliation.
  • Representation of a group of union members in the hospitality industry where employers and union had failed to properly calculate and distribute pay and benefits in accordance with an arbitrator’s ruling in their favor.
  • Representation of three female investment advisors employed by a major retail brokerage firm in a litigation against the firm for the systematic gender discrimination they suffered in the assignment of customers promotion and pay.
  • Representation of the former chair of a nationally-acclaimed department of a medical school in whistleblower litigation alleging that he was removed as chair because of his efforts to end financial fraud and improper medical practices that he uncovered after taking over the chairmanship.
  • Representation of the former general counsel of a Forbes 500 manufacturing company in litigation alleging she was terminated in retaliation for complaining of gender discrimination.
  • Representation of leading medical school faculty members in litigation against the medical school over their rights to a commercially valuable pharmaceutical patent conceived during their tenure at the school.
  • Representation of a tenured professor at Public Administration School of a leading university in proceeding by the school to terminate his employment.
  • Representation of a senior commodities broker and his new business in litigation by former employer seeking a preliminary injunction preventing him from future contact with suppliers and customers of former employer.
  • Representation of two senior sales executives who left their employer for a competing firm in litigation by former employer seeking a preliminary injunction and damages.
  • Representation of insurance salesman who moved from one agency to another in litigation by former employer seeking a preliminary injunction preventing him from working for new employer.
  • Representation of large group of employees and former employees alleging that the grooming policies of a multinational company discriminated against them on the basis of their religious beliefs.

The following are representative examples of the Firm’s client engagements in real estate litigation:

Real Estate Litigation

  • Representation of condominium developer in litigation against former construction manager and in litigation by former contractor.
  • Representation of condominium developer in litigation against former general contractor.
  • Representation of commercial tenant in dispute with landlord of Class A Manhattan office building relating to build-out of retail space.
  • Representation of commercial tenant in litigation with landlord over constructive eviction from offices.
  • Representation of commercial ground-lease tenant in litigation against land owner of industrial parcel in Brooklyn relating to setting of rent for renewal lease term.
  • Representation of owner of condominium unit in litigation against adjoining unit owner and general contractor in litigation over property damage from adjoining unit renovation.
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