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Whether in the financial services field, the technology sector or some other industry, we frequently represent U.S. executives and senior employees who are transferred or seconded to overseas divisions of the business.  Likewise we represent foreign executives and professionals who are hired by or transferred to U.S. businesses and financial services firms.  Often we partner with foreign law firms to provide joint advice and develop joint negotiating and litigation strategies that recognize the often complicated interplay between multiple legal jurisdictions and laws that these employment arrangements entail.

For example, we may represent a senior hedge fund executive who is hired under an employment contract governed by New York law and subject to dispute resolution in New York but who also has grants of equity in the management company that are governed by English law (and dispute resolution in England) and also has “carried interest” equity participation in the hedge fund vehicle that is governed by Cayman law.

Regardless of the situation, we have extensive experience and working relationship with overseas law firms in many jurisdictions that enable us to successfully represent our clients in complex cross-border disputes and negotiations.

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