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We are dedicated to providing rigorous representation and uncompromising advocacy with ingenuity, creativity and flexibility.

Leveling the Playing Field

The genesis of our firm lies in the fundamental imbalance in legal firepower that has traditionally existed between employers and their executives, professionals and employees. New York City has long boasted scores of high-caliber law firms and teams dedicated to representing employers but lacks a similar choice for executives, professionals, employees and whistleblowers.

We founded Kaiser Saurborn & Mair, P.C. in 1997 with the goal of redressing this imbalance and leveling the playing field for executives and employees.  Since then, our singular mission has been to provide our clients with rigorous, uncompromising and dynamic advocacy, counsel and representation.  

The Law Firm of Choice For Executives and Professionals

From behind-the-scenes deal-making to high-profile litigation, we have earned a reputation as the law firm of choice for executives and professionals navigating high-stakes employment transitions, disputes and litigation.  Our clients include C-suite and other senior executives, managers, professionals and employees at private and publicly-traded businesses, financial services firms, law and accounting firms and academic institutions.  Widely recognized for our use of dynamic and hard-hitting legal strategies, we routinely win seven-figure settlements, judgments and arbitration awards for our clients.

A hallmark of the firm’s approach is its individualized partner-level representation.  Clients select a law firm because of the depth of experience and qualifications of its partners and we believe those partners should handle each client’s case directly in a hands-on manner from beginning to end. First-class representation is rarely achieved by the “layering” of senior, mid-level and junior lawyers that characterizes client representation at larger firms.  Our partners never push a client’s case down to more junior lawyers. 

Our Leading Whistleblower Representation

We have one of the leading employee-whistleblower practices in the country with clients across all sectors of business, finance, academia and professional practice.  Our team has been at the forefront in winning groundbreaking legal rulings expanding the scope of employee protection in Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank whistleblower litigation.  We also represent clients in Dodd-Frank SEC whistleblower submissions and federal and state False Claims Act “Qui Tam” lawsuits. 

Real Estate Litigation

We also have extensive experience representing individuals and businesses in other high-stakes litigation, including real estate and construction disputes and litigation.