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May 12, 2020 | Our News

KSM Partner Henry Saurborn Wins Damages Trial for Unpaid Commissions

May 14, 2019. KSM partner Henry L. Saurborn, Jr. successfully obtained a judgment for an out-of-state sales professional for unpaid sales commissions and unused paid time off. KSM client Allison Singer, a sales manager and commissioned salesperson based in Southern California who was employed by a Long Island eye-wear manufacturer and importer, sued to collect the sales commissions and other benefits owed by her former employer. The trial court granted her summary judgment, finding that the employer was not entitled to withhold payment for alleged violations of her non-compete covenant – which it had found to be unenforceable – and scheduled a trial on damages. Based on the testimony and evidence at trial, the court awarded Ms. Singer more than $191,000, including liquidated damages, attorneys fees, costs and interest. Click here to read court decision.

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