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Mar 15, 2019 | Our Testimonials

Project Manager, cannabis industry

“Dan and Bill Kaiser set the bar in terms of employment litigation attorneys for both their professionalism and expertise. I had an incredibly complex and high-profile case that lasted almost 3 years. Dan and Bill worked overtime to bring it to a resolution. I have never had faith in the integrity of attorneys and the legal system until I met Dan and Bill. They are not only compassionate and courteous but exceptionally smart and tactful. In a world where corruption and politics plague justice, Dan and Bill work overtime for their clients. It is very clear that money is not the motivation for KSM – time and time again they have proven that they are committed to justice and transparency for their clients and will go above and beyond to ensure they have done everything to reach a positive outcome in their cases. When looking for attorneys for both high profile, and complicated cases it is important to find a firm with a track record of experience and KSM certainly delivers on that. I do not have enough gratitude and positive words for KSM and would recommend them for anyone looking for an employment and litigation attorney.” 

- Project Manager, cannabis industry

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